3 reasons that could confirm the Alexina Graham as the new “angel” Victoria’s Secret


Revolutionized your beauty, the body, and the sympathy the last fashion show of Victoria’s Secretto Shanghai. Because he came to the backstagewhere Hola.com was able to interview her in personthey were all standing ovation for Alexina Grahamthat, also, has made history for being the first model with red hair in the last 15 years, that went for the signature. Now, I could get a milestone when, in addition, become the only red hair that gets the post of angel this company’s lingerie. In recent days, the networks are crazy to the face of this possibility, and the reasons are not lacking, as there are three details that you could go ahead that we are facing a new signature of the mark after the departure of Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Liked it, a lot, for the managers of Victoria’s Secret

The conclusion of the parade, Alexina did not hesitate to publish a photo on his Instagram, where he has gathered all the emotion I felt after participating in the presentation and, above all, to thank mother for all the support that it provides. Ed Razek, creative director of marketing for the company, has not hesitated to comment on this publication in a very positive way, demonstrating their support for the model in red: “Thanks to your mother for all that we have worked with you. You did a great job, had a energy fabulous and you have made all laugh. In addition, you have conquered the catwalk”.

And here is not all. A few days ago posted a fun video of the model that, in addition to show off your fun personality, we have also announced, indirectly, that the official photographer of Victoria’s Secret, Russell James, had already played the british.

It was photographed exclusively for the company with a angel

So, Alexina Graham, who has already starred in a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret. And I was not alone, next to her, at least as we see it in his Instagram has been one of the angels official of the company, Lais Ribeiro.

Natalia Vodianova may know everything

The last detail that comes to us in the last hour. And last but not least is the least important, but rather the contrary, as the buzz in social networks has not been made wait. It all happened after the publication of Alexina a video on his Instagram. In him, acquires an interview that makes you Natalia Vodianova.

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At a certain point of the conversation, appears a sign with your name and the subtitle ‘a Model and Angel Victoria’s Secret’. This would confirm his signing is not for another misuse of the term angel of the company for the angel a parade of state that would have ‘expired’ after the celebration of the event in Shanghai.


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