You know Pia Filomena Francesca Henrie, the lovely child of David Henrie and Maria Cahill!


David Henrie in addition, it has revealed the sad story behind the name of their child…

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David became a happy father with his wife Mary, both have become parents of a beautiful baby girl that they called Pia Filomena Francesca Henrieand in addition to sharing with the fans the first image of the child, David told the meaning behind the name of his girlfriend, because for them it was not easy to begin a family.

Look, Pia Filomena Francesca Henrie has brothers and sisters… Mary and I have suffered three miscarriages before being able to lead the Pious to the end. While it was incredibly difficult to recover from a miscarriage after a miscarriage, we knew that if we’ll ever have a child, just in our arms, we must not let The tragedy affect our marriage, but rather should come!

The reason why the second name of Pia Francesca’s because I personally asked pope Francis to pray for Maria and I we had a child. He took our hands, held together, said a special blessing, then he looked up and told me not to worry, that there would come a child, that it was almost exactly nine months ago,”.

We are happy that David and Mary have made reality their dream of becoming parents after being in a sad situation and painful, I Pia is beautiful!!!, don’t you think?

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