UFC: Khabib Nurmagomedov urged his fellow-countrymen, to continue with the social isolation, as a result of the increase in cases of coronavirus in Russia | COVID-19 Contact


As Peru, Russia, is one of the countries that has decided to expand the social isolation as a result of the increase in cases of coronavirus. The measure was ordered by president Vladimir Putin to the 11th of may, after which their figures came to more than 90 thousand infected and about 860 deaths. An order that has the support of Khabib Nurmagomedovthe sample UFC.

Through their social networks, the lightweight champion of the UFC, has urged his compatriots to respect the security measures that the Russian government is taking, such as social isolation. And this is the week, his country has had an increase in 6411 people affected by COVID-19.

“Many still do not believe in the gravity of the situation. However, our neglect of the advice and requests of the doctors, together with the panic that has developed between the people, led to a high rate of spread of the disease, worsening an already difficult situation every day”, wrote in their networks.

“This has led to the fact that our hospitals are now crowded with patients, there are not enough specialists or medicines, and the number of patients is only growing. Believe me. This disease is deadly and already feel. To stay at home, you can reduce the load on doctors and hospitals, and perhaps our attention will save lives. Take care of your loved ones, and do not let them get out of the house unnecessarily,” he concluded, ” Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Currently, the ‘Eagle’, is isolated in daghestan after being low, the UFC 249, because of the closure of the border. The Russian -who is in full celebration of Ramadan, he was scheduled to face Tony Ferguson on April 18, but now you must wait for the outcome of the event (the ‘Cucuy’ clash against Justin Gaethje this may 9) to meet his new opponent.



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