The reaction of GSP when he knew that it would be a Hall of Fame UFC


UFC 249 was a historic event for MMA for several reasons. It was the first event organized by the UFC during the pandemic coronavirus, Henry Madrid has announced his retirement from the sport, and Justin Gaethje closed the strip invicta 8 years of Tony ferguson.

But the UFC 249 will also be remembered for being the day in which it was announced that Georges St-Pierre would be lifted up as a new member of the Hall of Fame UFC.

There are few (if there is) fighters more deserving of such an honor that of St-Pierre, but due to the strange circumstances of closing the global, your ad will be a bit more demure than what others that have already been induced. Often, when UFC announces a new member of the Hall of Fame, they like to surprise the honoree, seated in the cage. That, of course, was not possible due to COVID-19, so Dana White called the former heavyweight champion and support during the event, to let him know the good news.

Dana White: “Well, it was supposed that this was, obviously, much bigger when we announced this, but this is a pandemic, but has been introduced in the Hall of Fame, my friend.”

St-Pierre: really? Thanks! ¡Guauu! What an honor! Many thanks!

White: nothing. And well deserved, my man. You have achieved many things in your life. Well deserved, my brother.

St-Pierre: Thanks for everything and wow!!!!! I don’t know what to say, man. What a great honor!

The UFC made the announcement official with a touching tribute in the video, and St-Pierre has launched a declaration on social networks, thanking the brothers Fertitta, Dana White, the UFC and all those who have made this possible.

St-Pierre is widely regarded as one of, if not the best wrestler in the history of MMA. His 15-year career that saw him claim the title of welterweight UFC two times (including nine defenses of the title), and the middleweight title once, while accumulating a record of 26-2, that saw him avenge his two defeats. It is expected that the ceremony of induction into the Hall of Fame, St-Pierre scheduled for the end of this year and passed on UFC Fight Pass.

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