The manes XXL are imposed on the red carpet


We continue to see more and more things from the MET Gala 2018 with the latest trends and points of view. So, without a doubt, the long mane were predominant in this gala, which was worn loose, and in the air, or in the form of gathered to give more volume to the crops. So let’s take a closer look at the trend followed by many of the famous.

Kim Kardashian

Again, Kim made an appeal for the long-lasting extensions for this gala evening, in which, in addition, the center of the drawing could also play with the lengths. A great option, there is no doubt.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 1

Stella Maxwell

He showed us his stylist through his account of Instagram how to wear a long mane XXL as a most pure virgin.

Jasmine Sanders

To create her braid full of flowers it was necessary to take to hand along the extensions that created a mane like that you showed us on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner

As her older sister, Kendall, has also opted for the long stretches XXL for this low ponytail that fell down his back.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 2

Sarah Jessica Parker

She was one of the most eye-catching of the night and his mane Rapunzzel with a touch fried was also one of the details discussed.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 3

Amber Heard

Very long mane of Amber worn at an angle and with a heavenly crown.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 5

Olivia Munn

Another has opted for the mane long, smooth look that has touched the genre chainmail of the knights Templar.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 4

Rita Ora

Neither had gone unnoticed. This time to your hair she decided on a mane very long, ultralisa for life.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 7

Katherine Langford

The extensions to give length and volume are also present in the gaze of Katherine Langford.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 6

Ariana Grande

True to their braids, Ariana came with a maxi-maxi braid that reached beyond her life.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 11

Katie Lee

With much more movement that we have seen the mane of Katie Lee also had a good length.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 16

Olsen Sisters

Yes, they are their manes, but they are also of the same trend that we’re seeing, so that they could not miss in the list.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 17

Katie Lee Bündchen

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 15

The same with Gisele, that, if well, probably yes, I had some hair extension to give more body and volume, its length is natural, there flipa.

Amanda Seyfried

Very long for what is his mane, and with a lot of volume, and that the waves have scored a quite a while, that mane lisa had to considerable length.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 13


For your long boxer-tresses our Lady also had to make use of a couple of long extensions so that your tresses fall in this way for their body.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 8

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

And we ended up with maximoño of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that were needed a couple of good extensions that give you consistency.

Manes Xxl Met Gala 2018 9

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