Simona Halep deblegó Serena Williams and won Wimbledon using one advantage: her boyfriend


Simona Halep deblegó Serena Williams and won Wimbledon using one advantage: her boyfriend

Last year, Simona Halep has won the first Wimbledon of his career, a milestone rare in the arsenal of any player, but, according to her former coach, Daniel Dobre, used a secret weapon that has helped her lift the Venus Rosewater Dish above her head, after the memorable victory 6/2, 6/2 on Serena Williams, who failed to raise his 24th Grand Slam.

The hidden advantage was none other than her boyfriend, Toni Iuruc, who had been cheering from the stands of a tournament official for the first time. Daniel Dobre, the coach who helped Simona to add their second grand Slam to his trophy case, has revealed how He elevated the performance of the first racket of romania at the All England Club.

“At Wimbledon, Simona had a good atmosphere in the team. He met Toni, who had accompanied him for the first time during a tournament, so, emotionally, I was in a good mood. She has given everything, as is usually done, but in a more relaxed way.

The box was difficult, but in the end it was an incredible tournament,” said Daniel Dobre in an episode of a podcast Tennis with an Accent.

Simona Halep has a personality that is very powerful

In addition to talking about the psychological advantage of Simona Halep gained by the presence of his partner, Daniel Dobre, who was fired after Darren Cahill returned to the team Halep at the beginning of 2020, he explained how the strong spirit of Simona makes a person very independent and direct.

“She has a personality that is very powerful. Every decision that concerned the coaches, and his career, he has taken alone. It’s weird, because in Romania, the parents decide everything. When I was 14-15 years old, Simona said that she wanted to go to Bucharest for the train, then he didn’t wanted that trainer, but the other,” said Dobre.

“He said:” my back is sore, I will go and I will undergo a breast reduction surgery. She is a person who is very inspired when it comes to making this type of decisions. In the 12 years that I know of, never came late and has not forgotten what he had spoken of her, even if it was months or years”