Season 4 come to Netflix, but it has also generated controversy


Image: Adult Swim

Adult Swim, the chain that emits Rick and mortyis owned by AT&T Inc., the conglomerate owner of HBO and, therefore, has recently launched its streaming platform, HBO Max. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that the brand new on-demand service is among the his catalog the totality of the episodes of the hit strip animated created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roger.

Even with the arrival of HBO’s Max for the market of streaming Netflix still counting Rick and morty among the titles and not only that, but recently combined their virtual shelves, the fourth installment of the hilarious adventures of Rick Sanchez and morty Smith, but not without causing a certain uneasiness among the fans.

The dispute arose when the lovers of the strip, and Netflix subscribers will be learned that are only available for the first five episodes of the season (which were the air is already six-months) and not in its entirety, as expected.

Image: Adult Swim

Over the complaints of the fans, it should be remembered that in the tv, the fourth installment of Rick and morty it is the first time in two parts: the first aired on Adult Swim from 10 November to 15 December, and the second from 3 to 31 may, so that makes a lot of sense that the season to follow the same methodology and arrive fractionated giant of the streaming.

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