Meet the couples of the new reality of Televisa’s “Inseparable” (PHOTOS)


There are couples who have had years of relationship and not known absolutely nothing, there are others that can take weeks of riding and know it all; it is only what you the new reality show from Televisa, “Inseparable”, love to the limit” trying to show to the public.

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12 celebrity couples who live in the same house and they should show through the skills, challenges, and various other activities, if it is really the one that exists between them is love.

The actor of the soap opera, Diego de Erice, you will be instructed to bring this show, who took the opportunity to demonstrate his great passions, and it will be the actor who also you take the role of a therapist from the couples, because if something goes out of control, the must do the whole calm.

In the reality show “Inseparable”the couples are put to the test the part of tolerance that they have for each other in different situations each week show physical and mental skills to overcome the challenges of control, trust, loyalty, and tenacity.

At the end of each week, the three couples who have accumulated less money will be at risk of deletion and will their peers who choose who should leave the competition.

The removed from the new reality show, “Inseparable”, sand say goodbye to the program, with empty hands.


1.- Paco de María (singer) and Wendy Braga (comic)

With a friendship of over 7 years and with the support of the other after their romantic relationships, it was last February when they decided to have a relationship.

2.- Jessica Segura (actress) and Adrian Pous (entrepreneur)

After her divorce, Jessica met with Adrian, who I already knew from common friends. Currently living together. The past march 3, committed.

3.- Adolfo Argudín (photographer and entrepreneur), and Haydee Navarra (actress and host)

During his studies at the CEA of Televisa met, after 18 years of relationship they got married and their biggest dream is to become a father.

4.- Lorena Herrera (actress and singer) and Roberto Assad (fitness model)

Were in the water, and it was the actress who fell in love with instantly, and even if the model did not wanted anything serious ended up falling in love with the beauty of the actress, currently carry 12 years of marriage.

5.- Same karime Gutiérrez (accountant) and Travieso ‘ Arce (former boxer)

They were married in the year 2007, and their love story began when the two met in a bar, he had offered to pay the bill and she has not accepted; the next day, the former boxer has been invited to a meal and, not surprisingly, was the father of the driver.

6.- Ana Alvarado (flu) and George Lamb (entrepreneur)

They met in a local Miami. Two years after it is committed. Currently living together in the city of Cuernavaca.

7.- Daniela Ibáñez (actress, influencer and a singer) and Pablo Campos (influencer and singer)

The actress turns out to be the best friend of the sister of Paul, and the factor of influence has always been his platonic love, and that began a relationship after a board game.

8.- Perla Perez (production coordinator), and Jesus Range (mariachi)

The forum of Televisa have been a part of many love stories, the Pearl, and Jesus is the one, who started dating in 2017, marrying in may of the same year.

9.- Cristian Zuárez (representative art) and Adriana Amiel (entrepreneur)

They met when He buy a jacket for women, currently lead nine of the report and have a commercial partnership with the ex-husband of Adriana.

10.- Eduardo Manzano (actor, singer, comedian, and actor) and Blanca Hernandez (model and lawyer)

28 years ago, the actor and the model were met for the case, when Eduardo went to a show and a friend said to go with him to the cas of a friend, the sister of his friend who, it turned out to be White in color.

11.- Pia Vergara (actress) and Ephraim Berry (actor)

Thanks for the theatre, began a relationship in 2015 and only last march 2, they had a magical wedding.

12.- Ingrid Bran (the model), and Mauricio Riveros (model)

With more than 12 years, to know and be very close friends, has given his support to when the model has broken with the cuban Liz Vega, thanks to it, came the report that currently characterizes.

“Inseparable, love to the limit” begins 27 maywith broadcasts from Monday to Thursday, in point of 8:30 on Channel 5.