For years, the singer Both found in Maddie Ziegler the perfect image for his alter-ego, and so it was, as the little dancer, not as a child, thanks to your artistic talent and his great expressiveness has become the star of themes significant Chandelier, Move Your Body or Cheap Thrills. But beyond their good personal and professional relationship with Maddiethe ties of the australian artist with the family Ziegler do not end here.

In this case it was Kenzie, the younger sister of Maddie Ziegler, who Is now through the last single of the young in which the interpreter Unstoppble he has collaborated.

Under the title Exhale here comes the first collaboration of Kenzie Ziegler next to Boththe lively song and dance, as presented in an interview with the magazine People: “It is about the need to breathe and have a feast. It is something that everyone can get up and dance, that’s what I love the most. Of course, the world is a little crazy at this time, so I have the feeling that this song can definitely make you feel able to let go of everything and just dance in your room and have fun.”

However, it is not the first time that Kenzie and Both working together, because, in 2018, the young artist has launched his second album Phases, where the argument is located Wonderfulcreated just for Both. “I wrote the song, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw it and sheBothhe said: ‘my God, if not the spears, you will have“explain Ziegler. “It is always a great support, but I never thought I would do a song with me. I am very grateful because I admire her as a role model and she is my inspiration in music“.

Exhale comes with a video that, like many others, had to be recorded in full quarantine and the technical means that the confinement allowed. Although with that said the singer of 16 years has been in collaboration with the sister Maddieonce again , this time to the cameras: “My sister filmed it all on an iPhone for me and we did a dance to the song, so I asked all my friends to dance to the song and send me the video“. A dance designed to be 100% thinking about the social network TikTok and he already has his own challenge.

A further demonstration of the good relationship Both with the family Ziegleronly when you go back to the charts again in the company of Maddie with the song Togethera subject that is part of Musichis first film project.

Definitely, itBoth it’s all a head-hunter!