Immerse yourself in the musical theater of Disney with this interactive experience


As the world begins to return to a “new normal”, even in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus, Disney Theatrical Productions has decided to make available to the public a virtual experience and free to learn and make theatre.

Through The Lion King ExperienceDisney offers a comprehensive educational program of performing arts that aims to bring students and teachers for the creation of the theatre, exposing the international success of the musicals Broadway with the same name.

The plans of study, called the CHILDREN and JR., they have been designed in 2015 for classes that had as objective to produce adaptations to school success at the box office The Lion King.


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Once the health emergency is extended by the world, the theatres and the schools were closed; and he saw an increase in the trend of online lessons and virtual experiences, Disney Theatrical Productions decided to change it so that each person can enjoy without leaving your home.

The online courses it is divided into 11 sessions for students 8 to 11 years and 18 sessions for students aged 12 to 15 years, even if they set the age for your better understanding, adults can take without problems and without investing or a weight.

The Lion King Experience it offers teaching material, theory and audiovisual contents to improve the learning acquired during the course.

These tools are unlocked for the duration of the health emergency and to continue to apply the protocols of quarantine.

To dive or to involve the youngest members of the family for sessions of performing arts, before you have to go to

The instructions are available on the home page to be downloaded.

Once inside the contents, you will find speeches, examples and suggestions given by artists participating in the musical The Lion King Experience ranging from the atmosphere that you create in your musical work,the up to the singing, the dancing, the naturalness of the acting, and the intercción with the public.

From beginning courses, it will depend on you, the acquired knowledge and the perseverance that you have.

Get more information by accessing the this link.


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