Grupo Jaremar gives clothing and mattresses to 530 people


Grupo Jaremar, framed in its strategy to contribute to improving the care of vulnerable sectors of the country, through its strategic alliance with Cepudo – Food for the Poor, recently benefited from 530 honduran department of Cortés, donate clothes to 500 people and deliver a 30-orthopedic mattresses of high quality for older adults with disabilities.

The manager, corporate Social Responsibility and Communication, Sonia Mejia, said that “the donation was given to the Genesis of the Project, Funadeh, in collaboration with USAID, which has distributed by means of 20 of its social centers of the north: Armando Gale, Suazo Córdova, St. Vincent de Paul, López Arellano, The Batteries, The Victory, of Friendship, 11 April, Prairie, Sandoval Arose, Rivera Hernandez, Los Angeles, and the Successes of Anach, September 10, Cede, Rio Blanquito, The guild, the MAP, Morales 3, Las Palmas”.

With the help be achieved “to contribute to improving the conditions of life of the beneficiaries,” concludes Mejia. (RL)