Danna Paola launched TQ and Already


The famous international star, Danna Paola, has recently celebrated her birthday on the 25th surrounded by the support and love of the people who, in the course of more than 21 years of artistic career have accompanied it.

Last Thursday, 25 June, has unveiled a new anthem that celebrates the love, respect, freedom and equality: “TQ and that’s it”. The new single by Danna Paola is accompanied by a video that highlights a message that has taken on great importance throughout the world, and now more than ever in these difficult times, we must remember that “love is love”.

June is a month to celebrate, no matter what religion, what country you’re from, or your habits; love has no color nor gender, is free and today, together we celebrate the freedom to love.

He was born on 23 June 1995 in Mexico City, and their only 25 years, has positioned itself as one of the singers, and actresses, the most important of recent times.

In music, Danna Paola released her debut album “My blue world” at the age of six years and from there has not stopped reaping successes. His career began as an actor in the soap opera “Amy, the girl of the blue backpack” and “Dare to dream”, that of the well-established as a leader in the youth audience.

His versatility in the dubbing of tapes all over the world as “Toy Story,” “Rapunzel” and “Home”; and in the mexican movie the mexican movie “Arráncame la vida” and “it is easier to complicate everything”. In the theatre, Danna Paola, was on the stage with works such as “Anita la huerfanita”, “Wicked” and “Today I can not lift”.

The theatrical way he was qualified from Broadway such as “latino pride” for his incredible vocal range and ability that surprised the public in the united States and Latin america.

With more than 21 years of career, is internationally recognized for its participation to the “Elite”, the famous series of Netflix, which debuted as the #1 and is broadcast in 190 countries, and which up to now has become one of the most views in the history of the platform.