Danna Paola and reacted at the premiere of the new season of Dark


The premiere of the third and final season of Dark generated thousands of reactions at the end of the world, and one of those who have joined the conversation, it was the mexican actress and singer, Danna Paola.

The singer he spoke of the series with a couple of tweets from its official account of Twitter and the fans were not slow to react, fascinated by the conmosión that during the first weekend of release.

Danna Paola has responded to the premiere of Dark

Danna Paola has responded to the premiere of Dark

The main character of the Elite has shown its concern in German, refers to “the revelation of June 27, 2020”. This reference has been much talked about in all the media and social networks, where people began to feel fear over the predictions of the series, as many of the dialogues of this was satisfying in real life.

This prediction possible, the interpreter of “new and as” has not gone unnoticed that the dreaded date has arrived and you may be the worst thing for humanity, so he decided to go to his twitter to talk with fans the long-awaited date.

Dark has generated fear in Danna Paola

There is also a dancer, has spoken of the fear he generated the arrival of Saturday the 27th of June this year, which resulted in her not to sleep during the day.

The famous mexican accompanied the publication with the hashtag #Dark and #Revelation, as well as by the two emoticons of fear.

In the face of these declarations, the fans reacted in a positive way and in a few minutes he got 1,5 thousand Retweets and 18,2 thousands of likes, as well as the hundreds of comments that have understood the references to the series that has used the interpreter of “Lucrezia”.

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Danna Paola is not the only one who has spoken on this topic. On Twitter the hashtag #DarkNetflix, it IS TODAY, and Marta are part of the trends, in Mexico.