Contact with the stars via Josie Diez Canseco


ARIES: 20TH MAR – 19TH APR.: Your emotional life goes through its best moment, the love and care you will receive will make you feel special. Your ambition will lead you to new projects that can improve your economy, you will do well. Number of the success, 22.

TAURUS: APRIL 20 – MAY 20.: Today, the communication will be fluid and allow them to get to know each other better, which will have a positive impact on the stability and the stability. Changes in your work that you are interested in, is to adapt to overcome them. The number of successes, 9.

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN.: Examine your love life, and you come to the conclusion that to finish with this doesn’t make you happy. Professionally feel free to develop themselves in projects that are presented. The numbers of success, 10.

CANCER: 22 JUNE – 21 AUG.: The proud attitude of distance love, I think you should put more of your part of reconciliation is. A call to change your plans, you will have to take care of urgent matters. The number of successes, 8.

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LEO: 22 JUL – 22 AUG.: It will be very irritable, avoid clashes, since any disagreement would end up in the discussions. A promising business ilusionará, does not decide anything now, evalúalo to know if you should. The numbers of success, 15.

VIRGO: 23 AUGUST – 22 SEPT.: Today it will be easier to communicate and to vent your emotions, there will be a lot of union and understanding with those you love. The activities that we propose is good, do not hesitate and accepts, the results will be rapid. The numbers of success, 20.

LIBRA: SEPTEMBER 23. 22 OCT.: Emotionally today abordarás issues that make you doubt, what will you do with touch, and you will have the explanations you are looking for. Concretarás a company that will give you good results in the long term. The numbers of success, 19.

SCORPIO: 23 OCT – 22 NOV.: Stop complaining about your bad luck in love, change your attitude and look around you. After the economic difficulties, and you start to see the results of your efforts, save. The number of successes, 3.

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SAGITTARIUS: 23 NOVEMBER – 22 DEC.: The harmony will replace the fight that you spend in your sentimental life, the shadow of the separation disappears. In the place of work, you don’t have to worry, your efficient will be rewarded. The number of successes, 13.

CAPRICORN: DEC 23 – JAN 21.: Your personality is cheerful and charming, to charm, to call the attention of that person that you like. Not to neglect the legal matter that is still not resolved, it could lead to complications. The number of successes, 11.

AQUARIUS: 22 JAN – 17 FEB.: Soon you will start to attend a friendship that is really becoming more interesting, the notes, might be very close. Today, the possibilities of growth and of economic growth will be higher. Number of the success, 22.

FISH: 18 FEB – 19 MAR.: That the person you like is absent, thinks a lot about yourself, do not let your melancholy will invade soon, they will be at your side. You will have problems to cover your living expenses, make some changes. The number of successes, 12.


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