CM Punk stands a photos on FOX Sports on Instagram


CM Punk has uploaded a photo on FOX Sports the history of Instagram.

As we have reported previously, CM Punk run some tests to get a role as a presenter WWE Backstage. However, he did not get the role for the new show of the company. In spite of the rejection of trials to get the paper, there are new developments regarding the situation.

Although we have already had the opportunity to enjoy 2 episodes of the latest series of the company, WWE Backstage, the program will start emitr on the 5th day of the month of November. Still there is no confirmed information about the status of the relationship between CM Punk and FOX Sports, but, The Best In The World he posted something very interesting FOX in his official account of Instagram.

The Second City Savior went up to its history of Instagram, a picture of a microphone FOX Sports with a text box that put it; “LOL”. We can not exclude the possibility that CM Punk this is teasing us, because it is not the first time that happens in this type of situation.

It is worth noting that currently Punk he is promoting his latest film, “the Girl on The Third Floor” and we can say that is your first priority in your day-to-day.

Then, I leave you with the photo where you show the picture of the microphone FOX Sports that is gone CM Punk your history of Instagram:

CM Punk photos Instagram

We are still able to exclude the possibility of see CM Punk as a presenter of WWE Backstage. Only time has the answer, if your relationship with FOX Sports you can reach an agreement with him to get a role within the show.

Would you like to see CM Punk in the WWE in the Backstage?

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