Ashley Graham alleged swimsuit with the ‘return’ in Mexico


The model Ashley Graham seal the Earth day with a video return them holiday in Mexico. In the clip, the salt on the table and begins to paddle through a mangrove forest.

Ashley Graham boasted his silhouette is curvy, that she is wearing a swimsuit, black laces red. He completed his look with a hat, earrings, and dark sunglasses.

“I feel even more grateful for the nature these days. I think we all learned what powerful that can be in the fresh air and the sun in weeks!”.

“This has been a journey that I had with my mother, only after she discovered that she was pregnant. Happy Earth Day to all! We do our part and love our mother Earth so that our children and their children can enjoy this beautiful planet!”, wrote.

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Ashley Graham she became a mother in January and agree that it is still the adaptation to motherhoodespecially , with the requirements that involves a child grow up in the middle of a unprecedented pandemic.

The star of the catwalk is to go into quarantine in his home Lincoln, Nebraska. Through Instagram she shared a video of her workout routine, wearing leggings white and a orange sport.

Included the message: “13 weeks after giving birth and I begin to feel like myself again. New moms: how many weeks post-partum wear? What to do to feel like you again?”.

The model admits that her life has changed since becoming a mother, but it has to do with a new complexity about the postpartum recovery: “”It was difficult, but my friend Chelsea is doing by starting an honest. It’s amazing the obstacles that still have to talk about what women really go”.

“No one talks about recovery and healing (yes, even the disorderly part) by the passage of new mothers. I wanted to prove that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies! , “ he wrote.

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