A girl doing yoga on the balcony and falls down from 25 meters and is divided into more than 100 bones


The Terrace is a young student at the mexican 23 years old the well-known social network for the practice of yoga in the end, with the positions in dangerous places and very high. One of the preferred places of the young man was the balcony of his houseapartment is located in the a skyscraper in the mexican city of Chihuahua.

It was precisely there where I was doing one of the postures that made it famous, hanging on the railing of the balcony, when he fell into the void. The balcony was located 25 metres from the ground and the sap has been monumental.

The young shot down in a terrace several floors belowand an ambulance went to the hospital for treatment of multiple injuries. According to have assured sources of family and the doctors who took care of the girl broken 110 bones. The doctors argue that theand will have to rebuild the ankles, knees, and part of the faceand you will not be able to drive for at least three years.

alexa terraces

The girl was popular on the networks risk of the sport and do yoga in hazardous locations / Instagram

Followers and friends of the girl turned around immediately, the social network for ask for donations of blood to the hospitals of the city. The girl, who did little private after his account of Instagram, are also part of an important family in the city: the father. Alberto Terrazas, is an entrepreneur who had chaired the National Chamber of Industry of Transformation, and the mother, Belinda Lopez, is the the maximum leader of the Club, Independent Chihuahua.