Thousands of cubans have asked Netflix to remove the film “red wasp”


Photo: Netflix

Last week, Netflix added to its catalogue Red Waspthe film of the French director Olivier Assayas that is causing controversy between the cuban community.

Inspired by the book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War Fernando Morais and starring Penelope Cruz, Édgar Ramírez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Ana de Armas and Wagner Moura, The Vespa Network (the name of the movie in English) portrays the true story of the five agents of cuban security infiltrated organizations anticastristas in the united States during the 1990s.

For the screenplay, Assayas adapted for the work of Morais, but gave a more comprehensive approach, in addition to tell the exploits of the spies Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and René González, to whom the propaganda of the cuban baptized as “the Five Heroes”.

Photo: Netflix

Unfortunately for Netflix, Assayas and company, the film has generated much discontent among the cubans, that is the search for the giant streaming withdraws the tape of your catalogue on the grounds that accurately depicts what happened in reality.

A request created by the user, of North Las Vegas says:

“Netflix has on its billboard the film Red wasp. The cuban community in exile will require Netflix to remove it from its lists because it defends the spies of castro’s killers convicted in the united States; and is depicted as a “Head“ of the Basalt, and the terrorists, the cubans involved in the help”.

Photo: Netflix

At the time of the writing of this note, the application, which aims to collect 15 thousand signatures, has secured the support of more than 14 thousand people.