Then, to celebrate LGBT Pride Ricky Martin, Danna Paola, Belinda… (PHOTO)


This Saturday was held the 42nd March for LGBT Pride that was supposed to be virtual because of the pandemic of COVID-19. However, that was not an impediment to the conduct of a great party. Many celebrities joined the festivities with their publications in social networks.

The singer and star of the “Elite” that is celebrated in a spectacular way, as it launched its simple “TQ and that’s it” with a video full of colours and with a retro touch in the ourtfit, such as used clothing, who remembers fashion of the late 90’s.

Via Instagram Danna Paola he said that this song was “all my love and respect for all LGBTQ + Thank you for being an example to the world, that we are able to fight all for our rights and be able to show us how we are, without fear, to LOVE AND to BE LOVED.”

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❤️🧡💛💚💙💜TQ AND ALREADY 🧡❤️💛💚💜With all my love and respect for all of the LGBTQ + Thank you for being an example to the world, that we can fight for our rights and be able to show us how we are, without fear of LOVING AND BEING LOVED, the feeling of orgullosxs be únicxs and are able to live the life of the color that you want, which shines in its fullness, and raising the flag with the heart, put, and without fear of what others may say. Thank you for making me part for all your love and choose me as a sister from the community, as an artist and as a human being,and as well shine together around the world! My team and I have done it with all your heart, and this song is for you…✨🤍THANKS I’m with you I’m going for, without religion, whether of the left or right, without rules like the Koi. I know very well who they are, and if they give me give me. I don’t care what you think that love IS LOVE. 🏳️🌈

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The interpreter of “the Light in the absence of gravity”, is celebrated with LGBT Pride with a spectacular makeup with the colors of the rainbow on his eyes, in addition to your look, as supplemented by an abundant mane of pastel pink. “We celebrate diversity, freedom, and love”, it says in the message that accompanied the snapshots that you shared on Instagram to show off her dress.

The puerto rican singer posted a picture on social network, in which she along with her husband Jwan Yosef. A snapshot in black-and-white look with a romantic kiss, but with the face of the shoes.

The interpreter “Who cares” was instructed to give the banderazo output of the Virtual LGBT Pride is celebrated through Youtube. Thalia gave an emotional and powerful message which says that love has no gender and that in order to meet again I would like to see no racism or homophobia.

Teach us that love is a feeling without sex, that makes this world a better place. We have not abandoned a dream: of a world that would embrace its diversity” he said.


The singer is one of the most beloved characters from the LGBT community, and celebrated by posting a photo in which she appears dressed in a leather dress and a black color, while behind her you can see the flag that represents the diversity of sexual.

The singer, who is a member of the group Jesse & Joy, he shared a photo of daughter on Instagram, accompanied of an emotional message: “Your existence is the result of resistance and resilience, of those who began this fight for us does not. You are the fruit of pure love, and pure love and hope for tantxs. You are the engine of the fight for mom and me muchxs otrxs like you and muchxs are most similar to us.

“Today and every day we celebrate with pride our diversity. But it also makes clear that there is still much more to achieve equality of human rightsand we will continue to fight, to resist with your head high for you, your children and the suyxs live with more freedom. Your chiquita bella, you are our pride; always,” reads the publication.


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