The Obama family moved to the Queen Elizabeth with her gift


Capricia Penavic Marshallthe Chief of Protocol of the presidency of Barack Obamahe decided to tell some of their experiences more special after having worked with two presidents in a new book. Protocol: The Power of Diplomacy and the Word for You it is full of anecdotes and details, such as the one who has given what to talk about on the stock exchange Queen Elizabeth. And it is that the expert protocol accompanied Obama on his various visits to Buckingham Palace, when they met with the monarch. It was in one of them, when the couple decided to make a significant gift to the Queen, which caused a reaction that no one expected.

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In the book, Capricia speak of the power of the gifts, and makes reference to Barack and Michelle they wanted to bring her visit to Buckingham Palace in 2011. “We wanted to ensure that we foster the special relationship with the United Kingdom, and in particular with Her Majesty. The President and the lady. Obama will have a great, great appreciation” begins to explain the expert on your book. “In doing our research, we learned that the Queen has had a valuable relationship with her dad, and she collected everything that she knew about him,” with this in mind, the team of the representative, the harvest of all: the visit of King George VI, the united States. Invitations, notes, every detail that I was able to find and put in an album of leather to the Queen.

“When you walked in and was browsing, flicking through the pages. I saw it as, ‘Oh my God, I hope that you like’. And I want to say that I saw a small glint of a tear in your eye after that I sailed a bit. He turned to see the President and said: “thank you very much for this”” from that moment, that strongly influence the good relationship between the Obama administration and not only the Queen, but the entire Royal Family.

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How can one forget the memorable meetings of the partner and the Prince Harryeven after they have finished their mandate. Barack and Michelle became so near Windsor, have also been invited to the personal residence of the Dukes of Cambridge, where he had the most tender of the meetings with the Prince George.

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Another gift from Obama

Sentimental album was not the only gift that Obama gave to the Queen. That same year, the couple gave the Queen a brooch made of yellow gold with diamonds and rubies, moss-who, according to count, the same exmandatario chosen for the monarch. In a nod that has not happened to anyone unnoticed, this is the brooch that the Queen used during the State visit of Donald Trump in 2019.

“I would like to say that she was proud of using a piece of gift presidential, and he was to demonstrate the unity between the two nations,” writes Capricia on this gesture in her book, “I Feel that she has the ability to send a message and create those strong ties. But she is the only one that really knows (why used)”. And it is not that you talk a lot about why the Queen had chosen that piece within their collection.

As explained by experts, the Queen knows better than anyone else in the protocol. “In truth behaves almost like the boss of the protocol…She has done so well for so long,” he explains. This is not the first time that someone has this Queen, just remember when the pilot Lewis Hamilton he said as he drew the attention of all to explain how they worked the dinners with her, and as I had to wait for your turn to strike up a conversation.

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