The former MeMe DaBaby speaks, while the rapper is seen to be cosy with DaniLeigh


Despite the fact that DaBaby and DaniLeigh have not denied nor confirmed officially, if you are in a relationship, that has not prevented the people to speak to. They were seen together recently and now more and more people are convinced that they are together. The ex-girlfriend of DaBaby, Meme, who has a son of the rapper, spoke today.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby | Johnny Nunez / .

It is said that DaBaby and DaniLeigh are coming out

Before it can be tied sentimentally, DaBaby and DaniLeigh collaborated with frequency. DaniLeigh co-choreographed the music video for DaBaby for “Bop” and Dababy appeared the simple DaniLeigh, “Levi’s High”.

Around the launch of “Levi High”, there were many rumors that the two could be in a relationship. These rumors gained even more strength when the mother of the daughter of DaBaby, MeMe, began to fight with DaniLeigh in social networks.

“My sister, I stuck, but the news continues to come from me … so I hope that the energy is the same in real life,” she wrote on twitter Meme. Even twitter, which DaniLeigh was “obsessed”. The number of messages, many of which were of a nature subliminal, is exchanged between the two through multiple social media platforms, including DaniLeigh saying Memes that “go get a job”.

After a stay of shy to be in a relationship with DaBaby for months, DaniLeigh directly addressed the rumors in an interview earlier this month with Power 105.1. He said: “I Want to say that is what it is. I know that comes with this life. I already know that you post something, I think that people simply notice it, then. I don’t know, it is what it is. I do not care “.

This is what it says MeMe on the new detection DaniLeigh and DaBaby

At the beginning of this week, DaBaby and DaniLeigh was spotted in Beverly Hills by the paparazzi walking hand-in-hand. This, of course, has added more fuel to the fire for people who believe that the two are dating.

In a recent live video from Instagram, MeMe said that does not care about all the rumors about DaniLeigh and DaBaby.

“No, I came here to talk about what we all want to talk about, because there is nothing else to talk about,” he said. “We are living our best life. We live our best life! Can you hear me? Of truth, of truth. The mom was that. The mother will always be the one. And I’m fine. “

On Instagram, the fans seemed to be on the side of the MeMe and said it seemed to be injured by DaBaby be with another person. “Is the wound. We’ve all been there. It is not a shit,” someone said. Another person said: “I Know that he is injured, but it is good. Life goes on.”

“She is the evil and the good. We all know that feeling,” added someone else.


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