The “Fast and Furious” that the French is a success on Netflix


Photo: Netflix

Stray Bullet (Balle Perdue) is a thriller written and directed by Guillaume Pierret. Within a few days of their arrival in Netflixthis production has become one of the most viewed on the platform. The success of this tape, at the level of the public is undeniable, despite the mixed reviews it has received from the specialized press. For example, in the media as Decide refers to this film by saying “if you have low expectations, Stray Bullet satisfy your desire for action.” For its part, the portal Huffpost the average of the scores of this work, with a 5.6 out of 10.

The official synopsis of the film Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Ramzy Bedia it reads: “Accused of murder, a mechanical genius, with a criminal record, you must locate a car missing that contains evidence of his innocence: a simple bullet.”

Despite the fact that many people refer to this movie as “the French version of Fast and Furious“, others stress that in reality it is a film with very modest, that the approach a little for the european independent film. However, it is true that the scene with the destroyed car from the street racing there are some scenes repeated some clich├ęs imported directly from hollywood movies.

Stray Bullet – Image: Netflix
Stray Bullet – Image: Netflix

Others, finally, argue that Stray bullet it is rather unbecoming of a police class B. In that match almost all is that tape is a fun not bored for a moment during the 90 minutes of duration.

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