Talented artist transforms his face into characters from Pixar


Photo: YouTube Videlo

Krista Krautner it has transformed the face into 10 iconic characters of Disney Pixar. Through the makeup and the plastic arts, this talented artist manages to dress up as different characters that we have known through the films of Pixar, but with a touch of too much detail.

“From Rex Toy Story and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. up to Remy Ratatouille, Krautner, 27, spends up to four hours per day, the painting, down to the smallest detail to complete every one of the characters. Krista, that is formed by the self-taught, he began to develop his skills painting skulls and zombies before diving into the weird and wonderful world of makeup from the illusionist”, was the comment from the YouTube channel Videlo.

Thanks to a trick, the artist is able to use his own body as part of the costume, and, therefore, the achievement of great expressiveness of the characters. The result that we see in the video is the result of a huge practice:

Photo: YouTube Videlo

“When you don’t have the design of web pages, Krista spends the evening after work to work on his face with makeup, and then share the result on social networks, where your followers spend hours and hours trying to locate the facial features, as real.”

Watch the video below: