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Angela Patricia is a synonym for journalism, the interview, and Colombia, in the united States.

Composers do not leave their talent, the tv channels must devise ways to continue with the programming, the radio looks for your space, the actresses go after new opportunities. The Covid-19 the attacks, but the humanity doing the most with the ideas.


Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios was born in Barranquilla, on July 13, 1983. Colombian actress known for her interpretation of the protagonist Catalina Santana in the soap opera Without tits there is no paradise”.

Carmen Villalobos … in the midst of these days of quarantine, it takes its time to show your beauty. Protagonist, antagonist! @CVillaloboss now it will be the poor of the soap opera.


Angela Patricia is a synonym for journalism, the interview, and Colombia, in the united States.

Janiot has covered the most important events of the world in the last quarter of a century, ranging from wars, terrorist attacks, and regional crisis to the presidential elections, summits, political, papal visits, natural disasters. Interviewed almost all the presidents of Latin american in the year during the last 25 years, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, and many political leaders and prominent personalities such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Colin Powell, Richard Branson, Dan Brown, and many others.


New contracts for deed have been assigned to Carolina Gómez, who managed to get hold of the screens of the colombian with his role in ” The revenge of Analía’. The offer from the producer of this series and of the competition that wants to do it, as we were able to confirm.

Carolina Gomez, 45 years old, it remains the favorite of the directors and television channels, colombian and mexican, for your figure that at a certain point, has got to be the virreina universal.


Jorge Andres Alzate Rios, better known as Raise, he was born in 1980 in Medellín. The son of Gloria Ríos and Jorge Alzate has built his musical career with effort and perseverance.

Six times denied a visa at the u.s. the embassy in Bogota. For ten years he lived with the fair, in the united States working as a carpenter, aseador, worker, and messenger. After having studied and managed to graduate as a commercial pilot. Today, to win that had never won a singer.


Elizabeth Loaiza, the colombian model, is pregnant as in some of his publications were evident pregnancy test. Loaiza has published in his account of Instagram a photo where you can see that shows the positive pregnancy test, saying that: “we grew up with the family. You can imagine the happiness that I feel.”


This Saturday, June 27, from 10:15 to. m. not to miss the big match Colombia vs Peru, and on Sunday, June 28, at the same time, Bolivia vs Colombia, both parties of the playoffs toward the World of Russia 2018.


Juan Manuel Oróstegui is the engineer, and The right side of Mejia in The revenge of Analía.

A man is cold and calculating, which will now be between the sword and the wall when it comes to choose between love and his duties with the applicant.

“There is a crossing of glances with Dorita, a certain interest and a lot of empathy for what happened to the sister of the engineer, and then can be a bit rough, but also a little romantic. Soon you will have your hearts in the background, you can start putting out some positive feelings. Let’s see,” said the actor.


The surface is smooth and continues to be a constant threat for an Oscar Naranjo, even when the story is in the final straight.

It is played by the actor Julian Roman. Has started to be the leader of the band of tabs of car, is the largest of colombia, but his wanderings were taking perores ways of the drug trade. His career has not stopped her being a constant growth in the world of crime.

Agile to escape the law, hence his nickname of smooth. After a chase led by Naranjo, where nearly lost his life, is forever marked with a scar on his face, and for this he decides to take revenge.

Don’t miss the last chapters, and know what is going to happen with this character, from Monday to Friday at 9:30 p. m.


A new chapter, from the house, was appreciated by spectators during the weekend Suso”s show.

On this occasion, one of the guests was the comedian Hassam, which on this occasion revealed that one of their professors, the university, encouraged him to devote himself to being a clown, because, even when the scenes that had to interpret serious, he took the joke.

Among the many confessions, Hassam said that he repeated four times, the degree tenth by different circumstances that are presented before him in his life. In the section on memory, the speaker showed the first appearance of the comedian in Saturday Happy. Today brings 16 years of a successful career and is grateful to be a part of this great cast.

In My favorites, Suso has shown a photo in which he saw the collection of dolls that has Hassam. All have a very special meaning for him.

Among other things, the presenter did not miss the opportunity to show to the comedian, his admiration for her courage and positive attitude in the face of his illness. A character that’s very admirable!

Julián Arango was the second guest of Suso”s show. In this section, The judge, the actor had to confess to the why, when, small, made to believe one of their employees that broke a foot, to the point that the woman has had to give up. However, it was all a joke that has known and used again.

The Curiosity, Julian said that you like bad jokes, are the ones that generate the most laughter, and that is the reason why I suggested to their followers to send him jokes and he gets worse.

During The challenge, Julian has shown that he still has a lot of talent to improvise and imitate different accents. (GRS).