Netflix: movies that show love in all its forms


We currently live in a time in which the love is accepted in various parts of the world. However, many people do not understand these topics, so here we recommend a series of film found in the catalog of Netflix that will help us to understand a little more about the community LGBT and make us reflect on these issues.

Film that shows love in all its forms



A story interpreted by the beautiful and talented actress Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Two strange know in a departmental store and maintain a relationship that is based on the voltage, ignoring their feelings and desires, the one to the other. That demonstrate that prior to express what you feel, it was not so easy as it is now.

The light of the moon


This is an intense story of a young man who has a childhood and an adolescence very difficult, since they live surrounded by vices from his mother, an uncle, who is involved in shady business and discovery, and to find the true love, the person that you least expect it. Without a doubt, a film to which we are accustomed to see at the cinema, but it is a story that is worth seeing.

Know Ray


The story of a teenage girl who spends her transition, living with the emotional support of his mother and of his grandmother, but with the denial of his biological father to do the treatment for the transition, it will be a moment that will change everything. This drama, in which he is the protagonist of love and brotherhood is played by Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon.

Alex Strangelove


The story of a young man who we follow in the life of a teenager, leading a life that is very common in high school, with the conviction of being in love with his girlfriend. However, the young Alex Srangelove have a small problem…she is a virgin. This leads us to a party where he meets an outgoing young man and gay, and discovers that they have more in common than I thought.

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