More than 100 models require Victoria’s Secret to act against sexual harassment in the workplace


The organization Model Alliance he asked that the company Victoria’s Secret more protection against sexual harassment for its models, a request that was supported by a hundred of the top models of the range.

In a letter to the company ceo, John Mehas, the organization said that the signature of lingerie has a vital role to remedy the situation living models and aspiring models during the working sessions.

In the letter, posted on Instagram, have asked the company to adopt a code of conduct for employees, representatives, vendors, photographers and other industry workers in order to protect the models.

The text was signed by more than 100 floors, including Doutzen Kroes, Christy Turlington or Edie Campbell, who has worked for the company. However, the models Sara Sampaio and Lais Ribeiro they took away his companions to remember that the the complaints have not been addressed directly to Victoria ‘ s Secret.

  • Recently photographers who have worked with Victoria’s Secret has been accused of using his fame to demand models that are told to strip naked as a condition to photograph them.

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