Meghan Treatments wants to become the president of the united States, according to Lady Colin Campbell


From Buckingham Palace to the White House. Meghan Treatments dreams to follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama in the policy. Or at least that is what says Lady Colin Campbell, a famous aristocratic british, in his new book, Meghan and Harry: The True Story (Meghan and Henry: The Real Story). “I know that the duchess of Sussex has political aspirations. I was told that some day he wants to run for president of the united States. I believe that everything that you are doing, leave the royal family and back to California, and is part of their plan,” said Lady Colin Campbell, in an interview to promote his biography.

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His words have triggered a small earthquake in the media in the United kingdom, where the Megxit it remains a topic of debate. The author is a person close to the environment of the royal family, and was married to Lord Colin Ivar Campbell, the youngest son of the seventh duke of Argyll. This is not the first time that shakes the british public opinion with its revelations. In the past, he has written biographies on princess Diana and the queen mother, and of a book on the marriage of the queen of England and prince Philip. All have grabbed headlines and sales success.

“Meghan has wasted the occasion more wonderful when you leave the royal family,” says Mrs Campbell. But it also makes it clear that the Megxit he was not surprised. She he met the duchess of Sussex at a party in his house, the Castle Goring in Worthing, on the occasion of the seventy birthday of prince Charles. According to his version, Meghan would be asked to leave the celebration after taking a photo. “We were all horror,” says the author, pointing out that later learned that the former actress in california is not going to adjust well to their new life royal.


According to the editorial, Meghan and Harry: The True Story exposes “how the duke of Sussex tried to change the real system, trying to adapt it to their own needs and ambitions, and of how, after the failure, he decided to create a completely new system”. Lady Campbell claims to have spoken with friends, relatives, and courtiers of both sides of the Atlantic, to tell “the true story of the most unexpected since the abdication of Edward VIII”.


This is not the first time that a book of Lady Campbell stirs controversy. His biography of Lady Di, Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knowspublished in 1992, became a best-best-holding and provided information about the struggle of Diana against eating disorders and his friendship with James Hewitt. Then, the writer has been accused of “fancy”, but later it was proved that his claims were true. Some of them have been confirmed by the princess of Wales, and the famous writer Andrew Morton, who in 1993 wrote the biography the definitive Diana.

The words of Mrs. Campbell about the political aspirations of Meghan arrive in a timely manner. The Sussex only hire the services of representation of Harry Walker, a us agency, high-level, specialized presentations and speeches, and that accounts with clients such as Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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The life of the author of the new book about Meghan is also worthy of a biography. Or of a novel. Mrs. Campbell, a member of a rich family of merchants of Jamaica, he was born with a genital malformation. The doctors have decided to assign the male sex, and his parents christened with the name of George William Ziadie. During his childhood, he was educated as a child. “Even if she wore pants, it was very clear that he was not a guy,” he acknowledged in his memoirs. Failed to undergo genital surgery corrective until 1970, when he was already twenty-one years. Then he became legally in Georgia Arianna Ziadie.

After the painful process, both physical and emotional, began working as a model in New York and studied Fashion at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. Four years later, she married Lord Colin Ivar Campbell, the son of the duke of Argyll. After the marriage, came to light, the story of an aristocrat, and, in the midst of the media frenzy, the pair has finished the separation. You mentioned the publications that revealed his past, and he won the trials. Today, it is considered “the first Lady intersex in the Uk and a pioneer in sex reassignment.

In 1990, he started to write books about royalty, earn money and popularity. Adopted two Russian children, Misha and Dima, and bought the Castle Goring, West Sussex. It is interesting to note that, the castle was the seat of another famous writer: Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.