Lorenzo Milá back ‘The 2 News’, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary


The 2 News be held this Thursday its 25 years with a special that looks to the future of information. The newsletter will review your records and ask you for the new mode of access to the information, the need of a speaker, the way in which young people are reported and the role the program is playing today, with its pioneering bet transmedia… and all that with his particular tone in which it could not lack two of the most famous faces that have passed through the The 2 News and that come for a day: Lorenzo Mila and Mara Torres.

As forward RTVE, will be a program full of surprises and winks to the viewers, which are the basis of the information. The graffiti artist Suso33 the end of being, of living in a mural memorial and the group of Morgan closes the program. Viewers will be able to congratulate the social network to the program using the hashtag #Felices25La2N throughout the week, the space was review on all the social networks its history with the #mememorias, a nice way to review these 25 years.

The referent of the alternative information and independent

The 2 News it was the reference point of the alternative information and independent at its inception in 1994 and now, 25 years later, he wants to be for a new generation.

In the current phase Paula Sainz-Pardo presents the program, and Eva Vicente and César Vallejo live. “Everything is connected” is the motto of the promotional of this phase. An idea on how to influence the changes and events in other parts of the world, in our day-to-day. The 2 News this is an informative global appreciates the changes and expresses itself through the interconnectedness not only of the news (counted as a sequence of connected events), but expressed through different mediums (television and internet): this information expands on the Internet, providing a more comprehensive, holistic, and complementary.

Provides an overview of the global but also local in a clear bet by the age groups of 2 (45-65), television and the internet (25-45), with additional content and exclusive, in each of the sides oriented to the target consumers.

The 2 News he was a pioneer in digital presence on all social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. This season will be the first data, taking account of Tik Tok, the “young” network, where the ecology and the environment will be the stars of the content presented. It is also the first tv news in the presence of the speaker as intelligent as Alexa.