Left exposed! Kris Jenner congratulated Khloe Kardashian and published poor photographs


By reason of his birthday, the matriarch Kris Jennerhe decided to break the silence and share with his nearly 35 million followers, her maternal love. Using the platform of snapshots, the socialite has opened his heart and shared nine photos, which show the evolution of your not-so-little daughter. Even if it was a nice gesture, without realizing it, exposed to Khloe Kardashian before all the hate, that underlined their physical changes.

Through its official account of Instagramthe midwife has written: “happy birthday to my bunny special. I hope you have lots of brightness in your day today, my beautiful girl… you are a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and confidant of the incredible and you are the whole world for your precious daughter!”. In the comparison of birthdays past, of the dynasty The Kardashian-Jennerin this, Kris tried a lot more and exteriorizó all of their emotions.

In the post that got at least 1 million of the reactions from his followers. Kris Jenner the exposure continues: “Wow, what a mami spectacular you are! I am more than proud of you for all that you are and for how you have a soul more loving and generous with a smile that lights up any environment where you go… you always wake up at all and you are the best cheerleader of all.” It seems, that this is one of the the favorite sons of the entrepreneursince its dedication, it was a mile long.

In the end the emotional moment, he said: “Thank you for being a light in my life and a big part of my heart I love my bunny, what a blessing you are! Oh, and I already told you that you’re beautiful inside and out? I love you, with loving mother. Among the photographs that showed that the mother of this celebrity, are those snapshots that had been forgotten. Worthy of a camera of the past, you can see the evolution of the Khloe Kardashianstep-by-step.

Kris Jenner he tried to divert the eyes of the enemies, because the initial photo, shows the spectacular face, that is presumed to be his daughter, a business woman. Even so, there are many images of his childhood, which are able to see the genesis of a metamorphosis of the fantastic. Ago few weeks, Khloe was a tendency, motivated to that the people who assured me that this was a “chameleon”, for the amount of changes on her face.