Kylie Jenner boasts silhouette with a body translucent on Instagram

Kylie Jenner boasts silhouette with a body translucent on Instagram

Kylie Jenner, you boasted about them curves of impact in social networks, dressed in a tight dress translucent designed by one of the brands of luxury that you typically use in your daily life.

The entrepreneur of 22 years published a photograph in which he appears, sitting in her living room, wrapped in a body white shirt, fancy black, and matching belt.

The dress, which was in charge of Marina Di Serre, said with a turtle neck, long sleeves, and long in the legs, which also covers the feet.

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Combined look with slippers made of transparent Plexiglas heel designed by the brand of your brother-in-law, Kanye West, Yeezy, and opulent sunglasses blue screen.

The young multi-million dollar posed for photos with her blonde tresses tied in a tight ponytail and his face defined by heavy makeup.

Immediately, the photography added 6 million euros like of loyal followers who praise her beauty and style.


The actress was captured paparazzi without her wedding ring, after 10 years of marriage

Then I published the photo, Kylie received messages from their fans on Twitter.

A user has asked if you typically play with your closet in the whole house during their days of quarantine, to which the socialite responded with a “Yes”.

In the past few days, the lesser of the Kardashian clan Jenner he continued to be active in social networks, showing the details of your family time with Flocks and Travis Scott, as well as views that are unique to the new villa in the Hills of Holmby Los Angeles.

In a full health emergency, the entrepreneur has shown that the austerity measures and the savings are not leading with their tastes and style of life, already invested near $36.5 million dollars in a house which he occupied at this time.

The property has thousands of 788 square feet, seven bedrooms, an outdoor pool and a tennis court for pickleball, and basketball, a gym, a private cinema and multiple living rooms.

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According to reports, the residence is on sale for $45 million, but Jenner and his real estate team have made a juicy offer of $36.5.

For the moment, the house is used by the magnate, his daughter and the rapper Travis Scott, even if it was often visited by his sisters and his nephews, who held up his Palm Springs house and Calabasasas for her group of friends, including the socialite Stassie Baby.



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