Iza enjoys a sunny day and shows good shape when renewing her tan: “That longing”


The singer raised the mood on social media

Iza animated the social networks this Saturday (27) by recalling her summer photos on her Instagram profile.

The singer put on a good show by posing in a bikini while enjoying a sunny day and renewing her tan, enchanting fans with her breathtaking natural beauty.

“The longing to post a photo from last week and not 3 months ago”, she joked in the caption.

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aquela saudade de postar foto da semana passada e não de 3 meses atrás ✨😩✨

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In a few minutes, the record already exceeded the mark of 200 thousand likes and in the comments, the followers were drooling with the natural beauty of the singer.

“Aff, wonderful”, praised none other than ex-BBB Thelma. “You are a goddess, right?”, Commented another person. “Why humiliate us like that? Wonderful d +++ ”, wrote a third.