Is now available the trailer of the fourth season


Photo: Hulu

Hulu unveiled the official trailer for the fourth season of The Handmaid’s Talethe series inspired by the novel of the same name in 1985 by a canadian author Margaret Atwood.

Under the motto “change is never easy. Blessed be the computer”, the promotion of one and a half minutes sums up the last episode of the strip created by Bruce Miller among the new images of the next. In season 3, former Slave, June Osborne / Obtained / Ofjoseph (Elisabeth Moss) led a rebellion to save the sons of Gilead, but not content with this, the plans to dismantle the entire governmental structure of the country, formerly known as the united States, and change once and for all.

The video also announces that The Handmaid’s Tale 4 comes to the screen of the company part of a conglomerate of Disney, newborn in 2021. Two years of waiting between season and season because of the quarantine that are produced as a result of the COVID-19, which had to stop filming.

Photo: Hulu

“We only recorded for two weeks, when we stopped, so we don’t have a lot of material,” said Moss in an interview with Expiration date.

As far as the story that will unfold in the new season, the already mentioned Miller told TV Guide:

“We will continue to June, which is in Gilead, which is not a nice place, and will continue to do so. We try to be realistic about what is likely to happen and how things work, so during the break we talked with the UN and what happens to the rebels in countries like this, so we are looking into the possibility.”

You can see the trailer The Handmaid’s Tale 4 then.

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