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During this weekend, the actress of 33 years, has returned to become a trend, through Twitter, because of a comment made during their live broadcasts which has been categorized as a racist, this is after changing some of the filters of the camera.

Even if it was not the only thing that has started to circulate on social networks, has also posted a video of a certain canaanite, called the mobile phone of Barbara de Regil and in this call, the actress asks not to publish his number and not to call her, wishing her blessings and hanging off immediately.

He has also started to circulate a little ‘ testimonials’ of people who have been witnesses of what pushy that can be. Even if in earlier times Barbara responded immediately, this type of information, on this occasion, he decided to stop ‘difendere’themselves.

Yesterday Barbara reappeared in your account of Instagram as if nothing had happened, the sharing of one for publications and one of them has made it clear that he can continue to clarify everything that goes on, because it steals happiness.

“Barbara, please clarify everything bad that they walk away saying, “I don’t want to believe what happens. I admire you and I do not want the image of you”, he expressed a fan of his and the actress replied, “I have nothing to clarify chiquita bella, I know who I am and I can not live to clarify my life, but then, I’m going to stop being as happy as I am.”

Photo: screen Capture

Also, another user defended the star of ” Rosary Scissors’, asking about the hate because they have so much hate and Barbara responded: “the people are in some way the sense of frustration that brings, and if you want to take with me is well, nothing happens, don’t stress my little girl.


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