Going to a stylist, not studies, to earn $55 thousand with Fields Itace



Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Diana Treviño Buenfild went from being a hair stylist without professional studies, to obtain the second place of importance in the Itace, with a salary of 55 thousand pesos.

Above, is a part of what we have revealed of interest to the former Director General of the Institute Tamaulipeco of work Training, Fernando Campos, who are willing to testify in a criminal case that will be straightened against the former official, about the corruption that has prevailed.

Without control, professional studies, in 2017, the designer of the wife of the Fields has been entered in the payroll of the Institute, with a salary of 27 thousand pesos monthly, on a position control of the vehicle.

A year later, in 2018, was promoted to Coordinator of the Training Center for the Work (Cefot) where they will be promoting courses for young people to acquire a profession and enter the labour market.


According to the nearby Fields, in the coordination of Cefot manages a budget of millions of dollars to pay for trainers from throughout the state, but in his time there were no courses really, even if it was the spending of millionaires as the documents from Treviño Buenfild.

Even more: the resource that Fernando Fields extracted from the lessons not made, but gathered, has allowed us to pay for a book that was dedicated to attack enemies in social networks and to promote politically.

About a quarter of a ‘war’ of the Fields in its claim to be a candidate for the position of popular election.


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