Failed! Miley Cyrus has gotten a reaction from president of Spain


The famous singer, Miley Cyrus, became a global trend on the platform of the blue bird, thanks to a great reaction. All of this is due to an activity that took place this Saturday, with the intention of supporting the people most affected by the new coronavirus. This was a concert online called “Global objective: “united for our future“ where the american had a starring role, in the company of many other exponents of music.

On this occasion, the young american has given the “yes” to a great online event. Since this is a specific objective for the collection of the thousands of millions of dollars through private donations and public. All this, with the intention of helping those people who were heavily affected and, especially, marginalized by the pandemic. According to Miley, governments should deal in a fair way for all its inhabitants.

The ties unimaginable

Through audio-visual materials, the president of Spain, Pedro Sanchéz, has decided to thank all the artists for participating in this noble cause. In particular Miley Cyrus, with whom I had a direct contact and the public through the social network Twitter. “This video is to thank all of the Citizens of the world, Gavi, Miley and the rest of the protagonists of this great initiative,” said the ruler increased.

In the meantime, and then his putting in scene, the singer released a tweet who has earned the love of many followers. “I dedicated this show to all those who work tirelessly for the tests, treatments and vaccines, so that we can all meet in places like this, the stadium is empty… I can’t wait to be together again“ he said that through the publication, and attached a video of his amazing presentation.

If you do not want to miss this exciting moment, where Miley Cyrus to be the protagonist, you need to keep in mind that this concert will be broadcast and transmitted in digital form all over the world. Therefore, there are many platforms to be part of a great event in the first place, the site of the campaign; as well as various channels “Global Citizen” such as: Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.


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