Do you want Games? 5 questions and answers to learn about the history of the olympics


Do you want Games? The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 to July 2021 is a good opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the history of the olympics.

Here are five questions with three possible answers, only one correct, on Games of all eras.

The solutions at the end.

1. Alberto Braglia is called the football stadium of the city of Modena, in honor of a great olympic champion born there. Who is this?

for. Gold in gymnastics, in 1908 and 1912

b. The first Italian champion of cycling in the 1920’s

c. The captain of the football team that has won at the 1936 Berlin

2. Throughout the history of the olympics, there has been only one swimmer can win the 100 m in three editions. She is…

for. Dawn Fraser (AUS)

b. Kristine Otto (GDR)

c. Missy Franklin (USA)

3. At the 2004 athens Games were the first Olympics for the jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt. What is the result?

for. She was a finalist in the 100 and 200 m

b. He won the gold medal in the 4×100 m

c. Was eliminated in a series of 200 m

4. Who is the current olympic champion in tennis?

for. Monica Puig (PUR)

b. Serena Williams (USA)

c. Simona Halep (RUM)

5. 20 June marks World Refugee Day. In the Rio 2016 Games, competed for the first time an olympic team of young refugees, created by the IOC and consists of 10 athletes. He has participated in three disciplines, that have been…

for. Athletics, taekwondo and shooting

b. Swimming, athletics and judo

c. Athletics, boxing, lifting weights


1. Reply-to: Alberto Braglia was olympic champion in gymnastics in 1908 and 1912 edition, which was also the team gold. Between the two Games, it was a human cannonball in a circus. In 1932, he coached the Italian team that is back to be a champion.

2. Answer: The australian Dawn Fraser won the hectómetro free in Melbourne 1956, Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964. Addition of five olympic medals in the other tests.

3. Answer c: Usain Bolt has arrived in Athens in 2004, as a record of the world junior 200 m, but was dragging an injury and was eliminated in the series.

4. Answer: The puerto rican Monica Puig was proclaimed olympic champion to win, at the end of the River to the German Angelique Kerber 6-4, 4-6 6-1. Later occupied by the post 34 in the world rankings.

5. Answer b: The refugees olympics competed in athletics, swimming and judo.