DJ Diplo is kept isolated from their children because of the COVID-19



The artist says it’s been weeks of life, with hundreds of people, so that took away from their children.

DJ Diplo is the practice of social distancing of their children until it is free of coronavirus.

Even if Diplo, whose real name is Wesley Pentz, has not been diagnosed with COVID-19, the star told fans on Instagram that is following the advice of health officials, and he is estranged from his family, including your children Lazer Lee Louis, for five years, and Lockett, 10 years, which he shares with his ex Kathryn Lockhart, to reduce to a minimum the risk of infection.

Next to a video of the brothers behind a window, while lifting up their hands to those of his father from the other side of the glass, he wrote: “My (children) are too young to understand the complexity of what is happening. But I’m not as anxious and nervous as the rest of us. “

“Living in a house with his grandmother, who is the most vulnerable. I have been in contact with hundreds of people in the last four weeks … And I’ll keep away from home until I was free of the virus,“ wrote Diplo.