Dana White says that Arizona is an option, if you do not concrete to return to Las Vegas


Dana White
Dana White

The next poster UFC for the 30 mayit’s like the fight star Tyron Woodley vs Gilbert Burns.

It is said that the place for the billboard of May 30, would be The UFC is the Apex in Las Vegasbut the president of the UFC, Dana White he said that Arizona it could be that the place if you do not concrete to return to the city.

“I don’t know yet, but this is what we are working on. That is what I hope”, said White after the event last night. “We are moving now. If it is not possible to obtain the 30 May at the Apex, it will be very disappointing, but we want to go to the other side. That is where I am going. Is 100 percent of which ire”.

The governor of the Arizona, David Ducey you said you have the doors open to the sports leagues operating in the territory of the state, the May 15.

There are more fights announced for the 30 maybut White he said that the important people in UFC you will need to take decisions from the beginning of next week.

“Nothing of what we have imported, but this week is the time. This is all that we have to overcome this week”, said White. “We’re going home. We started with the office for the next week. All of our employees are tested at this time. So we are doing the tests for the whole company, and we’re doing everything we back to work. The meeting of the matchmakers is Tuesday, so we will meet next week.”

UFC Fight Night: Woodley against Burns it will be the next 30 may in a place to be announced.


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