Cut Copy is far from the dance floor into “Cold Water”


Photo: Tamar Levine

Three years of his last album, Cut Copy announced a new one: Freeze, Melt it will hit the decks, on the 21st of August, through the seal Cutters and the Orchard. The successor of Haiku From Scratch it is expected that with the single “Cold Water“, already available on streaming platforms.

The song, Dan Whitford said that was one of the first songs to appear after the promotional tour of his latest album. And continues:

“I had moved to Copenhagen and I was listening to electronic, ambient and instrumental. As a result, ‘Cold Water seemed to be very different to the songs that we had done in the past. You have less dancing, but it is more atmospheric. In addition, the subject explores love in the context of today, where the climate and the fate of the planet are always the most uncertain. Once we finished, I felt that we had done something that would guide us in a new direction in the music.”

The album consists of eight tracks, including the previously released “Love Is All We Share”. “Cold water” was completed on the location when Whitford returned to Australia to meet up with the rest of the band. The version of today is accompanied by an official video, directed by contemporary artist Takeshi Muratawith calm water images.

Watch the video “Cold Water“here is the cover and list of topics Freeze, Melt:

Cut Copy – Freeze, Melt:
01. Cold Water
02. How To Break The Glass
03. Love Is All We Share
04. Stop, Horizon
05. Running In the Grass
06. A Perfect Day
07. Rain
08. In Transit


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