Comments on Instagram that have marred the new pregnant April Love, Robin Thicke



Few have opted for the ratio of the singer Robin Thicke and April Love Geary in view of that began months after he announced his divorce from Paula Patton, but not before you apologize to the actress for her infidelity, and to discuss with him publicly to give him another chance.

On the other hand, the fact that between the pop star and the model there is a difference in age of almost two decades, has not helped dispel the skepticism with which he received their love story.

Three years later, the couple continues to the council, he welcomed his first child, a baby girl of six months, according to My, and is expecting a child, but doubts about the strength of its future in the town last year.

Or at least, this is obvious from the comments that it received on April, via his Instagram, where on Wednesday he wanted to share the happy news that she is pregnant, only to discover that, as a response, many of his followers, he advised to get married as soon as possible to formalize his union with the father of their children.

These tips are managed to enrage the young man of 23 years of tarnish, for a special time, and did not hesitate to answer, stating that she does not need a ring to validate your relationship.”Because there are so many women obsessed with me and tells me that I need a ring? Getting married is the easy part, go on together after having a baby is really hard.

We are in 2018, not in the fifties. Women don’t need to get married, to have children. All calm down, please”, he has written today, the mom-to-be on the same platform.

It is expected that the dummy out of the accounts on the 10th of march, in coincidence with the 42 birthday of Robin, as revealed in the social network, alongside a video of his daughter in hand a copy of the ultrasound scan of their future little brother or sister, since up until this Saturday, we find out if it will be a boy or a girl.


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