The green light for the US Open, which will be closed | Sports


Exterior view of Arthur Ashe court, on the whole Billie Jean King of Queens, New York. / J. D. (AP)
Exterior view of Arthur Ashe court, on the whole Billie Jean King of Queens, New York. / J. D. (AP)

In the middle of a tense standoff between the players and the organisations, the return of the tennis is going to take shape, and this Tuesday there was a confirmation that, a priori, to unlock a calendar, shaken and frozen from the beginning of march. Despite the rejection of most of the players, who were sceptical about the global situation of uncertainty and, even more, regarding New York, the US Open, which will be held from 31 August to 13 September, as announced by the Federation of American Tennis (USTA). And do it without an audience.

The organ federated american issued a press release to announce that the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has approved the development plan of the Grand Slam earlier, then the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati, which starts on 17 August and moves to the outside is deflected by Mason (Ohio) in the borough of Queens. In this way, you create a bubble protected by strict measures of prevention and health that are still in negotiation with the professional. Among others, the test for the coronavirus, transportation, and residences that are specific to the occasion, as well as the prohibition of entering Manhattan.

In the absence of official confirmation, the WTA back to the 3 August and the tournament ATP 10, in Washington

“We are aware of the great responsibility that we have to organize one of the first sporting events in the world in these difficult times, and to do so in the safest way possible, avoiding all the potential risks,” said the USTA in the note. “We will be able to show the tennis as the ideal sport of the social distance and the celebration of these two events will serve as a stimulus for the city of New York and our sport.”

The US Open, in this way, was finally released with her, even if his initial statement included spectators in the stands. The ATP officially announced Wednesday, the dispute of the tournament, and in the same way as the calendar from here to the end of the season. At the beginning, the women’s tour could start with something of an advance, on 3 August in Charleston and Palermo, and the male despegaría 10 in Washington. After the the main the new yorker tour he moved to the clay of europe, with Madrid (13 September), Rome (20), and then Roland Garros (from 27 September to 11 October).

Halep is cleared

The green light for the US Open occurs before the refusal of many players to play, since they are wary of the measures imposed in order to compete, as well as the rules of the tournament and, above all, the guarantee that all the players can move to New York. The coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, said a few days ago that the player does not have a full view in the clear, but recanted on the BBC: “we were playing the championship.” The number one Novak Djokovic, who has expressed his disagreement with the rules and Rafael Nadal has stressed that if you cannot attend all of the members of the circuit, the event should not be held.

In the meantime, the team the number two in the world, the Romanian Simona Halep, mentioned on Tuesday that it will not participate in Flushing Meadows and only play on clay in europe, so that no one would have intervened in an asian tour later. “If the conditions remain the same, as Simona mentioned above, it is very difficult to play”.

The most optimistic foresees Garbiñe Muguruza, the evolution of the events. “It is encouraging to see that things are moving in a way that we can return to the track this summer. Safety comes first and, with this in mind, I hope that we can play in New York”, transmitted through Twitter, the 16th in the world.

The security protocol

Waiting to know what will be the reaction short of players, the US Open, informed of the safety plan, which will be realized. The tournament will be a protocol that relates to the movement of professionals, their guests, the rooms, the transportation, the food and the dressing rooms. However, it will be weaker than what was planned. In particular, USTA proposed that the players move just in New York and will be subjected to test for coronavirus in the hotel. There are two rooms (the second is in charge of the tennis player), even if they have the option to rent a private house outside of Manhattan, as you do at Wimbledon.

They provide a range of additional services such as an expanded gym, recovery room, physiotherapy and a private relaxation area. Desinfect strictly dressing room and the respect to food, participants will have the The Players From Lunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can even order the meals in advance through a mobile app.

In reference to the means of transport, the great american indicates that the official service will operate between the hotels, the player and the complex Billie Jean King. The transfer system consists of a bus of 55 passengers that will be filled with the 25% to 50%. The driver will be isolated by a plastic screen, and the cleaning will be complete before and after each trip.