Dulceida naked “free and impartial” | Big bang


Dulceida it has provided a blanket for the head to celebrate the freedom of love, and has done so with the flag of the community LGTBIQ+ and naked “without prejudice”.

This June 28 marks the’ Pride dayand if there is anything that the influence factor is to celebrate is without a doubt the feel free you can love who you want. And that has shown us on numerous occasions that the bond that he created with his wife Paula, is indestructible.

As Dulceida has provided the cover for the head to recreate a session of Christina Aguilera, poses without clothes and with the colors of the flag. “After a session of photos for a campaign that will soon (that has nothing to do with this), dannielrojas and I wanted to recreate the photo of the diva, @xtina. Ours is much more in the house, but the intention is what counts. Free without prejudice”, pointing next to the image.

As expected, after a couple of seconds when he starts the publication of a flood of congratulations for the photo of the influencer. “Brutal!!!!”, said Tamara Beanie. “Or be BRUTAL,” added Carolina Churches. “Brava!”, the actor said Alberto Velasco.

In LOS40, in addition, we wanted to celebrate this moment so special (and free). During the end of the week, we will be offering content and proud. The icons LGTBIQ+ more classics, the playlist of Pride, the references of this community in Spanish fiction… and many more!