‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown allegedly saved a man from drowning


The former single Hannah Brown is under intense scrutiny in recent weeks, to say the N word while singing a song in a video of Instagram Live. From then on, he apologized and promised to “listen, learn, and take steps to continue the dialogue and move away from this historic and necessary.”

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Since then, the feed of Instagram Brown is focused on the movement Black Lives Matter (including the publication of a celebration in honor of that Matt James be nominated as the first single, black). Before that, Brown said the N word on Instagram, she was an open book, update their fans on the small details of your day. But the former maiden is taking a break from their approach of usually content in that matter, and many of her fans appreciate her for it.

Hannah Brown saved a man from drowning while rafting in the river

Then, last weekend, when it was reported that Hannah Brown saved a man from drowning, not mentioned in their social networks. But the girlfriend of a man who almost drowns, he wrote about the incident on Twitter.

“Have fun with Hannah Brown saved my boy from drowning in the river Ocoee today,” wrote the Twitter user.

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“He was at the river with us, our raft was overturned and she and her family were traveling with us. Finished drawing of my boyfriend on his raft, after that the current took him. I don’t know who he was, but his mother said that she had just won DWTS and the girl! ” he continued.

“All the sessions of kick boxing by @hannahbrown that have contributed to the enhancement of an adult man in the raft. That is not easy, what happened, when we were doing white water rafting and we need help to get them back, a person answered, the thread, the thread of what the original poster wrote:” She is strong! ”

The river guide Hannah Brown says that the first single to save her father

The guidance of Bruni published a YouTube video that recounts the incident with more information.

“I was a river guide in the family! All were great people and great paddlers. Sometimes things do not go as planned on the river. She and the family helped me, the people in the raft upside down. Also took your father from the water to the surface to take back to the raft, when she, her brother and her father swam further along the river, from a technical movement to the river,” they wrote.

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He continued: “I Thought that what you did was incredibly bad”, but that has not been mentioned. Impressive family. Epic trip! Great paddlers and rafters! Is super down to earth people and genuine!

Although Brown has not posted about the incident, his brother Patrick, yes.

“He took the fast with the jam fam! I was able to relive my days of saving and Hannah is convinced that it is now part of the Coast Guard … #rescuemission Check out @ocoee_watersports for a time killer “, subtituló the publication.

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