Argentina Sabrina Rojas reported of hacking into Instagram after posting a controversial message on Instagram


The model and former host of Fox Sports Argentina Sabrina Rojas denounced Tuesday the hacking of your personal account Instagram.

This happened a few hours after that their stories are messages to denounce the aggression attributed to her husband, the actor Luciano Castro.

The tenor of the writings, in addition to the delicate situation in Argentina in reference to problems of sexual or physical abuse of men towards women in lit, alarms, compared to this pair.

“In the end, I’m going to fight. I’ll get the mask. I respected you a lot of time. I cried, and I kept silence. I’m sorry for everything that’s going to happen. Not from you, but from the people that you really want, and all those who believe that you are a great person. On all three that you “admire”. But the psychopath is a violent and an addict, someone has to stop,” read the first story of Instagram.

The next, he said, “Look how I put” and the second “fortunately, I have witnesses.”

Sabrina Rojas
Sabrina Rojas

A few hours later, and as a response to the numerous calls and messages via mobile phones and social networks, Sabrina Rojas said to have been violated.

According to her, is currently enjoying a family holiday and do not have time to clarify a trifle.

“Thanks to all the people who are worried, I tapped the phone. I don’t tend to be awake at this hour, but both Luciano and I have been violated in accounts”,

The message is clear.
The message is clear.

Currently, Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro are enjoying their holidays with their children in Mar del Plata, a popular argentine beach resort.

In Instagram the former figure of Fox Sports has nearly 700 thousand followers.


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