Anna Carina Copello: His sister Maria Pia, Ezio Oliva, Jaze, and other artists, also send messages of encouragement after testing positive for the COVID-19


The pop singer Anna Carina Copello given to know that we performed the molecular test of the COVID-19 and has produced a positive result.

To do this, his sister, the famous cheerleader child Maria Pia Copello, has sent an encouraging message. “In this difficult time that you are going to overcome, I love you“released their ‘stories’ of Instagram.

In addition, other artists he commented on the publication of the interpreter ‘of lovin”, where they expressed their affection and solidarity in these difficult times.

The words of encouragement Maria Pia Copello added Jesus Alzamora:¡Force! Will come out of this, however, and you can continue to sing and move forward in life, like the great professionals they are. While Ezio Oliva he invited to take care of yourself: “everything will be fine!”.

“I Fuerzaaaa! All will be well, the best vibes,” he said Jaze, the freestyle with Anna Carina Copello has launched the theme of “the United states”with the aim of promoting hope in times of coronavirus.

“Ana, a big kiss for you and, as you say, the first thing is to keep calm. Recover soon and the best vibes always“he wanted the artist My Mont.

In addition, the exconductora Almendra Gomelsky he said: “I am beautiful Queen! The force that you ‘ ll be fine,you are very courageous to say this because your example goes a long way. We all have infect you, to care much, I send you all my love and good energy“.

In the meantime, the other as Anahí de Cárdenas and Johanna San Miguel has chosen to leave emoticons in the comments of the post Anna Carina Copello.