After the historic victory of the presentation, Mackenzie Dern says that his next goal is to become a mother sample


Image via @mackenziedern on Instagram

After his big win at UFC on ESPN 9 this weekend, Mackenzie Dern has been proposed to become a “mama champion” for the promotion.

Dern’s performance is incredibly impressive on Saturday night as he claimed a victory for the presentation of Hannah Cifers. The triumph of the first round, and earned Dern a bonus performance of the evening, and also taken in the column of victory, after the defeat against Amanda Ribas in October 2019.

In his press conference after the fight, Dern has made it very clear his intentions in the coming years, especially now that your husband can spend so much time with your daughter, because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

“I am very happy with my performance. I knew that Hannah was not a easy girl,“ said Dern (via MMA Junkie). “It is very difficult and I didn’t want to get too much in the clinch with her and be in a situation of struggle.” Then, when I was in the clinch, I knew that I was going to feel his strength and his muscles. As soon as I was able to get the knockdown, despite the fact that it was in the background, the coaches, she said, “do not dispose of the guard. If you are in the background, which is good, but not guard it. “So I got the knockdown, I went down and I was glad that it was not the defense of a lot of leg”.

“I want to take advantage of their events are outside and I can stay with my daughter, and (I) train hard, and fight for the Struggle against the Island “or the next meeting, and begin the series of victories,” added Dern.

Mackenzie Dern currently has a record of 3-1 for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and while it may not be considered material of a championship, many fans tend to believe that could do great things in MMA and the UFC in particular.

One is to give Dern the right road to a possible title shot, but as we all know, is not so simple. In boxing, it can be easier to present a series of fights that are favourable for the construction of someone. In mixed martial arts, simply does not work this way.

The fan base of Dern is one of the most important things that you need, and it will be interesting to see if and how it continues to grow, and whether or not they can stay as active as he says he wants to be. That said, with his victory at the UFC on ESPN, 9 mentioned that their skills are not a joke.