Vicky Martín Berrocal is the smoothie detox is perfect to start the morning (and deshincharte)


The celebrities learn many things, especially in the field of detoxification. Miranda Kerr we learned that the apple cider vinegar is the hand of the saint, Reese Witherspoon, there is a green smoothie perfect to supplement the diet, and now, Vicky Martín Berrocal we have been taught that a ‘smoothie’ morning should not be the green detox and the beet is without a doubt a superfood.

It was, in their stories of Instagram, where he has taught what is yours impeccable recipe of smoothie for the cleaning of the body.





-Spinach –

-Lemon juice

Do the preparation? It’s super simple! Everything in the blender and enjoy, and that is, this combination of food is very good to start the day with energy and forget about the breakfast that they provide only empty calories.

In January I had because the beets had posiconado as the superfood of the year, and that is, their properties speak for themselves: on all the time to lose the weight and shake, its composition is highly treatment, but it does not stop here, it is also good for the quality of the skin and hair. The celeryon the other hand, is another food and debugger for excellence. For more, the famous have taken several years to blaspheme, and, therefore, commit perjury their benefits to the skin or to the retention of liquids, a concoction called ‘celery’, which, among other things, Ariadne Artiles, and which contains only the celery and the water. “After 4 months of taking the juice of celery on an empty stomach, I feel my skin is cleaner and more oxygenated than ever, and also a lot more luminous,” wrote the model in his blog, demonstrating a fan of the properties that make this vegetable is not very popular to say the least.

The next ingredient in the smoothie Vicky is the gingerthat will not only help with the cold but also acts as a thermogenic agent speeding up the metabolism. The spinach they are a source of iron and very healthy, (though I was never convinced, you can try the child that are a bit more soft) and the lemonis the debugger that is natural and more followers, this citrus fruit is rich in vitamins can be your essential partner, but be careful with the intake alone and on an empty stomach, if you have problems with acidity. The best thing is to mix with the food, like in this smoothie.

Now, yes, after a review of one-to-one the benefits of the smoothie Vicky I can only say one thing: tomorrow will be our breakfast. A small word.