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This week a preview of a new soap opera Turkish Karadayi. This production is about Mahir Kara, who has to prove the innocence of his father, who was accused of a murder. As a judgment received the death penalty. During the course of the trial, Mahir will pass as a lawyer, while dealing with the process will emerge a love story with the attorney Feride. This plot is played by Kenan Imirzalıoğlu (Mahir) and Bergüzar Korel (Feride). Korel before you gave life to Scheherazade in the novel The thousand and one nights. It is transmitted Monday to Friday at 12:00, RTS.

Live Dance Workshop on Zoom
Live Dance Workshop is called ” the show that will offer Antonella Moscoso (sauce), and Diego Telleria (street jazz), Genesis (reggaeton). In addition to Daniel Fabre (commercial), Gabo Pinto (hip-hop), Carolina Grande (jazz). Each of them, through your shared experience with the audience. This activity will be held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 16:00, and by using Zoom (private room). Cost: $5 pass that you can buy through

Actor Alejandro Fajardo on Instagram
The actor Alejandro Fajardo is the host of Studio Paulsen via Instagram (@estudiopaulsen). Fajardo has participated in several film productions, among them Prometheus captive, and it is Better not to talk about certain things, a Fisherman, and a black Hole. It was also in several plays such as the lover, The dumbwaiter, The guy who has flown the nest, the floor, and Oleanna, this last work mounted in the Studio, Paulsen in 2019.

Online Festival of electronic music
Oscar Troya, Adrián López, Giovanna Guerrero, Rabbit and Chris Naranjo are the artists that have joined the online festival of electronic music. Will be more than six-hour show, according to organizers, who also provide a real-world scenario, video, multi-camera and professional sound. Will start at 17:00, Friday, a private lounge on Vimeo. Cost: $6. Pasesdisponibles in

The symphony Orchestra of Cuenca
The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca, in the SEVENTEENTH and delivery, will present the Prelude to the afternoon of a faun, symphonic Poem for orchestra by Claude Debussy; piano Concerto for the left hand, and My mother goose suite by Maurice Ravel; and The arlesiana, suite N° 2 by George Bizet. This concert will take place this Friday, at 20:00, and As well as the account of Facebook of the Orchestra.

Dialogues for citizens ‘incapable’
The Malayerba Theatre Group and other Herbs present Dialogues for citizens in the dark. The text is this, combined Vargas, and the management is responsible for Gerson War. This is organized by the Group of Independent Theatre, Eliella Theatre. The piece will be presented this Friday at 21:00. The link for the admission to the presentation is ID meeting: 659 341 5385. The password access for this meeting is Eliella.

‘Love and live’, the new series of Netflix
Today has seen the launch of the first season of the series Love and live in Netflix. Depending on the platform, it is the story of “a poor child from a rural area who goes in search of his sister in Bogota, colombia, where he falls in love with an aspiring singer, but ends up a mixed organised crime”. Are part of the cast: Ana Maria Estupinan (The girl), Carlos Torres, Yuri Vargas, among others. Today is a premiere of a movie The Festival of the Eurovision Song contestthe history of Fire Saga and the first season of the series Local games that, in accordance with Neteflix this docuserie “describes the unique sport and dangerous in several regions of the world, as well as the communities and cultures in which they arise and develop”. (E)


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