Fans ask Michelle Pfeiffer return as Catwoman in a Flash


Michael Keaton has caused a stir on social networks from the moment that he announced his possible return to the big screen in the role of Batman in the framework of the film The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, and directed by Andy Muschietti. This, it has not been confirmed, inclusion is exciting for fans who have already creating theories about how to reach the actor for the film, and others have used social networks to ask that Michelle Pfeiffer again as Gatubela, claiming that the Batman Keaton you can not be without this character.

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In 1992, the eccentric filmmaker, Tim Burton, met to Keaton (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – 91%, the Hunger for Power – 83%, Beetlejuice, el super fantasma – 81% (e) and Pfeiffer (The Age of Innocence – 80%, Caracortada – 84%, Dangerous Minds, And – 100%) in the film Batman-the-return – 81%, with Michelle play the anti-hero of gotham City. Now that Batman is on the point of returning, the fans think that it is right and necessary to do in the way of Catwoman, so I began to fill the Twitter comments claiming the actress still needed to play the character:

Now that they are bringing back Michael Keaton for Flashpoint I would like to highlight that Michelle Pfeiffer has not lost the touch


If Keaton is back as the #Batman, well, then Michelle Pfeiffer return as #Catwoman ?

If Michael Keaton returns as Batman, which means that Michelle Pfeiffer may return as Catwoman and Uma Thurman can come back as Poison Ivy

They are so nostalgic of the 1980’s that are now carrying my favorite @MichaelKeaton as Batman after decades. Then you put a #MichellePfeiffer back as Catwoman.

I’m just going to upgrade desperately the my feed every day until you announce that Michelle Pfeiffer returns with Michael Keaton. Please make this happen WB.

We’re all thinking, “bring it ALSO to THE CATWOMAN MICHELLE PFEIFFER”, right?

Michelle Pfeiffer has said many times that Catwoman was one of his favorite roles to interpret and would be willing to do it again, then it would be a mistake not to call it.

You can have Michael Keaton as Batman, without Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman


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How to replicate some of the tweets, the actress of 62 years, has stressed on more than one occasion they have worked with the director of the Young the Hands of Scissors – 91% and were placed on the skin of the anti-hero has been one of the more amusing moments of his career, one that repeats itself, only that if you go back do not expose your body for an intense workout, so he said to Variety in 2017:

It was all Tim Burton. She was able to bring this depth and darkness, and add humor.

In recent years, the actress has not been immune to large-scale productions hollywoodenses. Only last year she represented the villain in the movie, Maleficent: the Mistress of Evil – 40%, where they have shared the stage with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. In the world of heroes and comics is not an unknown, as they appeared in the context of the Films of the Marvel Universe in the belt of Ant-Man and Wasp 85% like the Vespa original.

That is part of Marvel Studios is not an impediment to the incorporation also to the Flash point. The same Michael Keaton he made his appearance as The Vulture in Spider-Man: the return Home 92%, and everything indicates that he repeated this role in Morbius, next to Jared Leto.

The followers are more fascinated by the idea that Catwoman return, the actress would be willing to do it, you just need Warner to decide. In the meantime, who has the role of the insured is the actress Zoë Kravitz.

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