FAMOUS – After the love can And wants to spend his life fighting?


Despite the fact that already many years have been separated and some have already left their past relationships re-shaping their lives with other couples, many celebrities can not erase their past and not lose the opportunity to talk about their ex, as if it were a chewing gum that can’t take off your shoes, or in this case, of their life.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reached this list, which also includes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Luis Miguel and Aracelis Arámbula, Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez, among many others.

In the case of Brangelina, after 9 years of living together and three years of marriage, the dream Hollywood couple has decided to split in 2016 then that angelina has filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” in addition to asking for custody of their six children, four years of separation, Angelina Jolie can’t completely forget Brad Pitt.

The actress, 45, has been reported in recent times, the injuries he sustained in the relationship with Brad Pitt. A few days ago, he said he was separated “for the welfare of my family.”

Luis Miguel

Araceli Arámbula and Luis Miguel lived since 2005’s a love story without a happy end. The couple went out for the first time to the public light as they walked hand in hand through the streets of Venice. From that moment on, he unleashed a storm of voices, struggles, agreements, reconciliation and ups and downs that ended with the love of the fairy tale and two children.

“The sun of Mexico”, as he is known to the singer, who has lived for four years with the mexican actress, but by then they were engaged in dimes and bickering in the media.

Despite the fact that they have already released eleven years later, the media did not stop to investigate the relation of both and at every opportunity we ask, if the star of Mexico, which already pays child support to which she responds with a break of humor that is not of their interest, but do not forget to send.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is another pair that remains on the carpet. I went from love to hate, and none of the two can cancel your life. In any case, they are bombarded with questions about their daughter Suri and how they dealt with the life of the parents.

The other, who will not stop to give what they are talking about the mexican actors Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio ernesto derbez. Despite the fact that they bring 28 years of separation, no one can be detached from the other, or prevent them from connecting. Despite the fact that they have not revealed the specific details of the reasons for their separation, the actress has made it clear that they can not see or painting.